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A new kilogram, why?

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Finally! It was time! Only he was missing. Even the kilogram, from the 20 May, has an acceptable definition. Let me be clear: you don't have to throw away your scales. A kilo remains a kilo, but now it's more fancy. Until a few days ago, what was a kilogram? It was The Mass (mass, not the weight, remember, They are different) of a particular Platinum-Iridium cylinder deposited at the International Bureau of Weights and Measures in France. The matter that surrounds us, however, has the bad habit of changing: some molecules can detach, it can simply oxidize, change shape thanks to some cosmic ray. Small variations of which, of [...]

What is the color of the water?

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di Gabriele Mozzicato L’acqua è il liquido incolore e insapore per antonomasia. However, by filling a long tube with demineralized water and looking through it, it occurs that the water is actually colored a very pale blue. Repeating the same experiment with heavy water, however, no particular color is noticed. Heavy water has the same chemical composition as water, but in its molecules the hydrogen atoms are replaced by a heavier isotope, the deuterium, which does not affect the chemical properties of the molecule. What makes the difference is the mass. In fact, water does not derive its color from the behavior of its electrons, come [...]

The toast with jam vs the laws of physics

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The ritual of the classic breakfast with toast and rusks covered with delicious jam unites many people all over the world. Likewise, the fall of the aforementioned toast onto the ground naturally with the “seasoned” side facing the floor, it is considered one of the major causes of insults and blasphemies in the early morning. One of Murphy's famous maxims takes the example of the fateful rusk to demonstrate the fate of chance and that anything that can happen, it will happen. Fotogrammi originali dell'esperimento, usati per definire attrito statico e dinamico tra fetta e tavolo Può far sorridere scoprire che [...]

Plastics and Bioplastics: Plastics and Bioplastics!

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of S. of S. of S, biodegradable 2018, biodegradable. biodegradable, dell'impatto ambientale, biodegradable. La plastica La plastica è un materiale organico costituito da lunghe catene (dette polimeri) biodegradable, biodegradable. biodegradable, biodegradable. Se prendiamo in considerazione i discussi e ormai scomparsi sacchetti di plastica sottile tipici [...]

New molecules with bactericidal activity

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The frequent use of antibiotics has led to the development of bacterial strains resistant to these drugs, prompting researchers to isolate new antibacterial molecules to counter them or peptides (proteins). This new class of antibiotics is represented by antimicrobial peptides (AMPs, Anti Microbial Peptides) which are already used in numerous fields such as agriculture, the food industry and aquaculture, to which must be added the clinical field that in the last 25 years has intensified its research. AMPs belong to the innate immune system, able to exert an antimicrobial action against various pathogens that are harmful to human health and the quality of food. Those of origin [...]

Modern Alchemy: the E-cat by Andrea Rossi

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For modern science, the realization of cold fusion would be the equivalent of the philosopher's stone for the ancient alchemists, or the tool by which they claimed to be able to transform poor metals into gold and silver. To the present day, the real challenge is to fuse two atoms and get a bigger one, thus achieving nuclear fusion. Andrea Rossi, inventore dell’Energy Catalyzer (E-cat) claims to have succeeded and promises, thanks to its device, to wipe out all of humanity's energy problems in one fell swoop. Illustration depicting an alchemist at work. The E-cat would be able to transform hydrogen [...]

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