World Day of’ Alzheimer

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Alzheimer's Disease: Una Luce all'Orizzonte grazie alla Ricerca La malattia di Alzheimer è da tempo al centro dell'attenzione della comunità scientifica. Descritta per la prima volta più di un secolo fa, continua a rappresentare una delle sfide più complesse per la medicina moderna. Immaginate un meccanismo d'orologeria complicatissimo e capirete quanto sia difficile decifrare il puzzle dell'Alzheimer. Ogni ticchettio di quell'orologio rappresenta, Unfortunately, una persona che riceve questa diagnosi - si calcola infatti che una nuova persona venga colpita dalla malattia ogni tre secondi nel mondo. Con una popolazione mondiale che vive sempre più a lungo, le [...]

World Brain Day 2023: “Brain Health and Disability: Leave No One Behind”

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World Brain Day, il World Brain Day, che si celebra oggi 22 July, è promossa annualmente dalla World Federation of Neurology (WFN), la Federazione mondiale di Neurologia, con lo scopo di sensibilizzare la popolazione mondiale sulle problematiche relative alla salute mentale e aumentare la consapevolezza globale circa le patologie neurologiche e neurodegenerative. La visione del WFN è di portare i concetti di necessità di cure e servizi, diritto alla salute del cervello per tutta la durata della vita e riduzione dello stigma intorno alla disabilità. Quando si tratta di salute del cervello, non possiamo lasciare indietro nessuno. [...]

Platinum: the precious metal that protects the environment and fights cancer

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Everyone at least once in their life has heard of platinum, ad esempio nel campo dell'oreficeria e gioielleria, but not everyone knows the many applications that can revolve around this element, da quelle antitumorali a quelle a favore per l'ambiente. Before discovering them better, let's get to know this element more closely! Platinum is a chemical element with symbol Pt and atomic number 78. It belongs to the platinum group elements series (group 10) of the periodic table of elements and is one of the rarest and most precious metals in the world. Il platino è noto oggi per la [...]

Rita Levi-Montalcini, a history of science, love and struggle.

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As far as 30 years ago it was taught, unfortunately also at school, that the nervous system is a static thing, that is born and dies, without growing; than the nerves once injured, they no longer regenerate. Fortunately this is not the case and, if we know the truth, we owe it to a great scientist: Rita Levi-Montalcini. She was responsible for the discovery of the neuronal growth factor (NGF) but not only: his is also a good science story, love, struggle and tenacity that we now tell you. Rita was born in Turin in 1902 from a very interesting family: the father, Adamo [...]

Tintarella…of Sun!

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Have you ever been told “how white you are, get some sun "or" you don't have melanin? You never get tanned!”. Good, if it has never happened to you you are very lucky. If, on the other hand, you always hear the same story every year, welcome to the pale face club. But why in the summer some people tan more than others? What is melanin and how does it work? When we expose ourselves to the sun and UV rays hit our skin, a protective mechanism triggered by melanocytes is activated, epidermal cells, which produce melanin. Melanocytes are formed dendritic cells [...]

Multiple sclerosis: a technology against the fatigue

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Multiple sclerosis is a neurodegenerative disease that affects the central nervous system, also referred to as "autoimmune" due to the reaction of the immune system directed towards the body. The immune defenses attack certain parts of the central nervous system, recognizing them as foreign bodies and activating an inflammatory process that can damage or cause the loss of myelin, a substance that lines nerve fibers like a sheath, and the cells that produce it. This process can take place in various areas, affecting the optic nerves, the cerebellum and spinal cord and it is for this reason that the symptoms of the disease may be different a [...]

Serological tests and swabs: when and why to do them

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The pandemic has just begun, we all had heard of tests and swabs before: What are? What are they for? How many must be made, Why? What are false positives? A few months later, we started talking mainly about serological tests, sampling, antibodies and vaccine. A very common mistake has been to confuse the two types of tests: the swab and the serological. But these two procedures are very different from each other and must be done for different purposes, let's see why. First of all, when we talk about serological tests we have to talk about antibodies. Antibodies are "Y" shaped proteins, produced by cells [...]

Music as doping

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What music do you listen to in the gym? What is your playlist when you go for a run? You know what the effects of music are on your brain and your performance? Music is made of rhythm, harmony, time and content which are also the basic elements of physical movements. So a link between these was inevitable and a new branch of research called "neuromusicologia". In 2007, l'US Track & Field, the national body for distance racing, has banned the use of headphones and portable audio players in its official competitions, "to ensure safety and prevent runners [...]

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