Giorgio Parisi, the essence in the complexity

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It's the 5 of October 2021, at the end of incredible year for Italy, for better or for worse. It's not over yet though. That day, in fact, Sweet at the bottom, in Stockholm. Along with climate physicist Hasselmann and Manabe (a first for the field), the Academy gives half of the Nobel Prize 2021 to the Italian physicist Giorgio Parisi [1][2]. The motivation for the assignment is "for the discovery of the interaction between disorder and fluctuations in physical systems from the atomic scale to [...]

A new kilogram, why?

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Finally! It was time! Only he was missing. Even the kilogram, from the 20 May, has an acceptable definition. Let me be clear: you don't have to throw away your scales. A kilo remains a kilo, but now it's more fancy. Until a few days ago, what was a kilogram? It was The Mass (mass, not the weight, remember, They are different) of a particular Platinum-Iridium cylinder deposited at the International Bureau of Weights and Measures in France. The matter that surrounds us, however, has the bad habit of changing: some molecules can detach, it can simply oxidize, change shape thanks to some cosmic ray. Small variations of which, of [...]

Modern Alchemy: the E-cat by Andrea Rossi

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For modern science, the realization of cold fusion would be the equivalent of the philosopher's stone for the ancient alchemists, or the tool by which they claimed to be able to transform poor metals into gold and silver. To the present day, the real challenge is to fuse two atoms and get a bigger one, thus achieving nuclear fusion. Andrea Rossi, inventore dell’Energy Catalyzer (E-cat) claims to have succeeded and promises, thanks to its device, to wipe out all of humanity's energy problems in one fell swoop. Illustration depicting an alchemist at work. The E-cat would be able to transform hydrogen [...]

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