Multiple sclerosis: a technology against the fatigue

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Multiple sclerosis is a neurodegenerative disease that affects the central nervous system, also referred to as "autoimmune" due to the reaction of the immune system directed towards the body. The immune defenses attack certain parts of the central nervous system, recognizing them as foreign bodies and activating an inflammatory process that can damage or cause the loss of myelin, a substance that lines nerve fibers like a sheath, and the cells that produce it. This process can take place in various areas, affecting the optic nerves, il cervelletto e il midollo spinale ed è per questo motivo che i sintomi della malattia possono essere diversi a [...]

Cell phones and radiation, real and non-real risks

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We often talk about electromagnetic waves from mobile phones and the health risks associated with them: what is proven and what is unfounded? Cell phones, as well as other wireless technologies, their operation is based on the passage of information between a transmitting and receiving antenna (possibly capable of being alternated to manage two-way communication): the information is encoded by acting on the change in the characteristics of the electromagnetic waves (such as amplitude modulation, frequency or phase) which are propagated by the transmitting antenna and "read" by the receiving one. Electromagnetic fields or radiation are a phenomenon that [...]

Report “Science and Technology: Attitudes and Public Knowledge”

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L’agenzia governativa americana “National Science Foundation” (NSF) ha recentemente rilasciato un documento chiamato “Scienza e Tecnologia: Attitudini e Conoscenza Pubblica”. Tale documento incorpora una serie di studi statistici riguardanti le conoscenze scientifiche della popolazione mondiale. Correct answers to facrual questions in physical and biological sciences, by country/religion: Most recet years Lo studio ha portato alla luce, eg, i seguenti fatti salienti: - La popolazione tendenzialmente si interessa poco della ricerca spaziale o dell’ambito agricolo, preferendo la sfera sanitaria e l’economia. A metà scala invece troviamo tecnologia e ambiente. - A titoli di studio più avanzati (indipendentemente [...]

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