Platinum: the precious metal that protects the environment and fights cancer

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Everyone at least once in their life has heard of platinum, ad esempio nel campo dell'oreficeria e gioielleria, but not everyone knows the many applications that can revolve around this element, da quelle antitumorali a quelle a favore per l'ambiente. Before discovering them better, let's get to know this element more closely! Platinum is a chemical element with symbol Pt and atomic number 78. It belongs to the platinum group elements series (group 10) of the periodic table of elements and is one of the rarest and most precious metals in the world. Il platino è noto oggi per la [...]

Who caused climate change?

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The twenty-seventh Conference of the Parties begins on Sunday (COP27) of the United Nations on climate change. This year the conference is held in Sharm El-Sheikh in Egypt. Delegates from every country in the world are called to discuss political and economic solutions to the climate crisis. The science is clear: the cause of recent climate change is greenhouse gas emissions from human activities [1]. The main task of the conference is therefore to review (and possibly strengthen) national commitments to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and to find ways to implement them. This is part of the set of measures taken [...]

Fast fashion: how much is fashion what is cheap??

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What is meant by fast fashion Fast fashion is a business that offers (the perception of) fashionable clothes for low prices, contributing to a skyrocketing increase in the textile industry. In this case, the word "fast" is not just used to describe the consumption of a single garment, but also the speed with which merchants are able to transport fashion from runways to shop windows. Globally they are bought 80 billions of clothes a day, mainly produced in China and Bangladesh and purchased mainly in America. What causes fast fashion This industry provides jobs for at least 40 million people [...]

Recycling Paper

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Did you know that, after Germany, we are the European champions of paper recycling? Paper recycling in Italy is an institution and an excellence of ecology and circular economy (that is, it reuses waste to generate new product). Let's see how to play our part in this virtuous cycle of environmental sustainability. As with all materials, those who use paper and cardboard can make ecologically sustainable choices in two moments: when they buy and when they discard them. Let's start from the former, in which the best choice is to favor paper obtained as much as possible through recycling e, in the portion in which [...]

The collection of glass

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Glass is an amorphous material, that is, a liquid that undergoes solidification without however acquiring the ordered structure of the crystals, instead maintaining a disordered and rigid structure. Its discovery dates back to the Phoenicians who at the time understood that by combining sodium carbonate and silica sand, glass was obtained. In fact, in common parlance with glass we mean that material formed by calcium, soda and silicon which sees its application in different fields, such as the making of containers, part of the furniture (windows) or manufacture of decorative elements (objects and chandeliers). The different uses of glass are due [...]

Have you ever wondered if the tuna in your sushi is sustainable?

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Dear reader attracted by the irresistible memory of sushi, this article will not just talk about tuna, but it's still about you. The focus is in fact the environmental sustainability of what comes from the sea to our tables, what the British call "seafood": from swordfish to squid. The growing demand for seafood products globally, due to both the increase in the population and a change in eating habits, it represents a threat to the survival of many marine species and can have repercussions on the entire ecosystem. However, for those like me who can't resist a plate of mussels every now and then, come [...]

Are organic products better for the environment?

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The increase in awareness of the environment has contributed to the spread of organic products in the last decade, that is, those products grown with organic farming methods that ensure a sustainable choice in the food sector. What is organic? In simple terms: organic practices prohibit the cultivation of genetically modified organisms, both for direct consumption and as animal feed, and the use of synthetic fertilizers and pesticides, or made industrially through chemical reactions. This is an important point: there are fertilizers and pesticides allowed in organic farming, but these are not produced by chemical synthesis ... while remaining full-fledged chemicals. [...]

Winter Olimpics Games, on the brink of extinction

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The 2022 Winter Olympic Games are currently ongoing in Beijing. Other than in the China capital city, competitions are also held in the nearby mountainous areas of Yanqing and Zhangjiakou, which are usually too dry to have a good snow cover, needed for running the competitions. The lack of snow is the main concern of the organizers. Artificial snow is one of the potential solutions [1], which is more and more employed all over the world, to make up for the lack of natural snow. That leads to sustainability issues, of course (we'll covered that later), ma [...]

A glass of water, Thank you!

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When you go to the restaurant and ask for a glass of water, it's okay if they give you tap water or ask for bottled water? Many people still don't trust drinking tap water and prefer bottled water; ISTAT reports that in the 2019 around 29% of Italians follow this trend, with higher numbers in Sardinia (59,9%) and Sicily (53,1%), while Umbria is in the lead for the consimo of bottled water. What is it we don't like about tap water? The water we drink, whether it is bottled or not, comes from superficial sources, come [...]

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