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Graduated in Biology of differentiation and reproduction at the Federico II University in Naples. She deepened into the different aspects of infertility and MAP with the internship and continued with an experimental thesis in biochemistry on antimicrobial peptides working on cells, bacteria and proteins. Now you can find her at school, even if this time on the other side of the desk. Passionated about writing and science,, she's been collaborating with Minerva since 2015.

World Food Day: Water is Life. Water is Food. Leave no one behind.

2023-10-14T16:46:47+02:0014 October 2023|Categories: Food and Health|Tags: , , |

This year 16 October is World Food Day, an annual event organized by the UN to talk about food, food security and to urge interventions for those suffering from hunger and lack of food. For the occasion, the theme chosen by the UN is the link between water and food, in fact this year's motto is: “L’acqua è vita. Water nourishes us. Non lasciare nessuno indietro”. It seems almost obvious to say that water is the main resource for living beings and for the planet, considered the white gold of the Earth, but what does this mean if we wanted to translate it into numbers? Of the 70% [...]

Resistance to antibiotics: gallium for cystic fibrosis

2023-04-16T16:13:33+02:0016 April 2023|Categories: Medicine and Research|Tags: , , , |

Negli ultimi anni abbiamo assistito a un notevole aumento di batteri resistenti agli antibiotici che ha reso inefficaci molte terapie e, Consequently, the treatment of various pathologies caused by bacterial infections. According to the World Health Organization (OMS) every year 700 mila persone nel mondo muoiono a causa di un’infezione dovuta a batteri resistenti agli antibiotici e di queste circa 10 thousand in Italy. Uno dei motivi principali che ha scatenato questa resistenza è l’abuso di antibiotici, in fact it is thought that there could be a further increase in antibiotic-resistant bacteria due to the COVID-19 pandemic, per il largo utilizzo di [...]

Provora: the new supergroup of eukaryotes

2022-12-21T13:29:32+01:0021 December 2022|Categories: Medicine and Research|Tags: , , , |

“Provora” is the new supergroup of eukaryotic microorganisms (organisms with a well-differentiated nucleus, made up of one or more cells) discovered in some geographically distant marine habitats, precisely near the coral reefs of Curacao in the Caribbean sea, in the Black and Red Sea areas, in the waters of the Arctic Ocean and north-east of the Pacific Ocean. Tikhonenkov, Keeling and other authors of this scientific investigation, taking some water samples, they found these very small strains equipped with two flagella, o code (i.e. long filamentous structures important for movement), located in separate pockets, che nuotano velocemente e predano [...]

The blood type diet: what does science say?

2022-09-29T17:28:41+02:0029 September 2022|Categories: Food and Health|Tags: , , |

Tra i tanti tipi di diete e alternative proposte per una corretta alimentazione ce n'è una in particolare che, lately, is back in fashion: the blood group diet. We would like to remind you that, when it comes to health, you should consult professionals, and not let yourself be carried away by random people without any professional title.. Meanwhile, let's try to understand together what that is. This idea dates back to 1996 when an American naturopath, Peter D’Adamo, publishes a book (Eat right 4 your type) in which he explains how to follow a specific diet based on the blood type. Il libro è stato [...]

The collection of glass

2022-05-25T11:34:53+02:0025 May 2022|Categories: Curiosity|Tags: , , , , |

Glass is an amorphous material, that is, a liquid that undergoes solidification without however acquiring the ordered structure of the crystals, instead maintaining a disordered and rigid structure. Its discovery dates back to the Phoenicians who at the time understood that by combining sodium carbonate and silica sand, glass was obtained. In fact, in common parlance with glass we mean that material formed by calcium, soda and silicon which sees its application in different fields, such as the making of containers, part of the furniture (windows) or manufacture of decorative elements (objects and chandeliers). The different uses of glass are due [...]

The impact of food on the environment: towards sustainable nutrition

2022-05-12T11:57:36+02:007 May 2022|Categories: Curiosity|Tags: , , , |

Environmental changes are hardly a mystery. It is increasingly evident how human activities are damaging everything around them.; from the soil to the air, to the water and every water channel. When it comes to pollution, factories are mainly blamed., waste or transport, but few think about food. Now you may wonder: "What does food have to do with the environment?" The answer is very simple: "What we eat is important not only for our health but also for the planet". The World Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) stated that current food production is [...]

The genetic profile in male infertility

2022-04-25T10:54:34+02:0024 April 2022|Categories: Medicine and Research|Tags: , , |

Over the last 20 years we have witnessed a decrease in the birth rate also due to a decrease in fertility, as demography shows. In fact, an increase in the percentage of aging is estimated by 2050 worldwide. According to the data, one in five couples cannot procreate naturally. The reasons could be many, but, among these, it affects a lot than in the last 30 years, the average age of conception in both sexes has increased by almost 10 years and lifestyles have changed to the point of damaging fertility. Often, mistakenly, they tend to [...]

Endometriosis: a phantom disease

2022-03-26T15:34:54+01:0026 March 2022|Categories: Medicine and Research|Tags: , , , |

"To prevent is better than to cure" as the old saying goes, but to prevent it is necessary to know and this is one of the problems of endometriosis: we don't talk enough about it, yet it affects 1 woman out of 10 and represents the 30% of the causes of female infertility. That's high enough for a phantom disease, a pathology that exists but is not seen or at least not immediately because the symptoms and alarm bells that reach our body are often underestimated. All this because of poor awereness, and because in 2020 unfortunately some topics are still taboo. Endometriosis, as the [...]

Unexpected mutations in gene editing

2022-02-08T18:59:56+01:008 February 2022|Categories: Medicine and Research|Tags: , , |

Many of you will have already heard of CRISPR-Cas9, the so-called molecular scissors that serve to modify the DNA of many organisms. This technique has represented a revolution in the field of genetic engineering in recent years due to its ability to "cut and sew" a specific DNA sequence to make corrections in target genes. So much so that it has opened new avenues and new possibilities for gene therapy, that is, the possibility of treating or preventing diseases by intervening directly on the patient's genome. But how advanced are these techniques today? And what are the risks? The use of CRISPR which created more [...]

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