Ticks (and what suits us)

2023-05-31T15:56:17+02:0031 May 2023|Categories: Environment, Nature|Tags: , , |

Certain areas of our country, and of the world at large, every summer they deal with the tick alarm! For a few years though, the spread of these dangerous arthropods is also affecting environments other than those known, the Alpine regions are a sad example of this. Once again, therefore, we find ourselves having to deal with the negative consequences of climate change and the increase in global temperature. But what about climate change with ticks?? And why they are so feared?

Drought: between fiction and sad reality

2023-06-10T17:04:44+02:0027 April 2023|Categories: Environment, Curiosity, Nature|Tags: , , |

"Day 367 of the water crisis in Rome”: It's now been three years since it rained on the capital and, like the sepia background of an exhausted city, even the people who populate it are now drained and enraged. Running water is a luxury of the past, the streets and houses are swarming with cockroaches, the Tiber is completely dry. The emergency situation forced the city to change its rhythms and habits: Water rations are imposed per capita and it is forbidden to attempt to purchase more than is permitted; any type of waste is prohibited, how to wash it [...]

What noise does it make, this humanity?

2023-01-24T22:24:37+01:0024 January 2023|Categories: Environment|Tags: , , , |

Our species is quite famous because it pollutes. Chemical pollution, bright and… acoustic! It is known that the noises we produce can disturb other animals, both on land and at sea, but a recent study by the University of Bristol in the United Kingdom demonstrates how these sound interferences have a heavy impact on the communication of marine animals. Ship traffic, shipyards under construction and many other anthropic sources of noise actually cause a continuous roar underwater that interferes with the life of these species. In reality there is no absolute silence in nature, least of all in the oceans: [...]

The smog Queen

2022-09-20T16:28:23+02:0020 September 2022|Categories: Environment, Curiosity|Tags: , , |

The world in recent days has bid farewell to a queen that undoubtedly represented, for better or for worse, an iconic character of the last 70 years. During her reign, Elizabeth II was a witness and protagonist of striking intertwining between economics, science, tradition and politics. Here we want to recall a catastrophe that was an irrefutable demonstration of the correlation between environmental causes and health outcomes, and had consequences in the years to come. It was the year 1952 and in the first days of December, due to thermal inversion, a black blanket enveloped London. Initially, no one seemed to care, il cielo della città era [...]

Have you ever wondered if the tuna in your sushi is sustainable?

2022-05-22T13:16:54+02:0022 May 2022|Categories: Environment|Tags: , , , , , , |

Dear reader attracted by the irresistible memory of sushi, this article will not just talk about tuna, but it's still about you. The focus is in fact the environmental sustainability of what comes from the sea to our tables, what the British call "seafood": from swordfish to squid. The growing demand for seafood products globally, due to both the increase in the population and a change in eating habits, it represents a threat to the survival of many marine species and can have repercussions on the entire ecosystem. However, for those like me who can't resist a plate of mussels every now and then, come [...]

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