Fast fashion: how much is fashion that is cheap?

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Cosa si intende per fast fashion La fast fashion e’ un business che offre (la percezione di) vestiti alla moda per prezzi contenuti, contribuendo ad un aumento vertiginoso nell'industria tessile. In this case, la parola “fast” non serve solo per descrivere il consumo del singolo capo vestiario, ma anche la velocità con cui i commercianti riescono a trasportare la moda dalle sfilate alle vetrine. Globalmente vengono acquistati 80 miliardi di vestiti al giorno, mainly produced in China and Bangladesh and purchased mainly in America. Cosa causa la fast fashion Questa industria fornisce lavoro ad almeno 40 million of people [...]

Recycling Paper

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Did you know that, after Germany, we are the European champions of paper recycling? Il riciclo della carta in Italia è un’istituzione e un’eccellenza di ecologia ed economia circolare (that is, it reuses waste to generate new product). Let's see how to play our part in this virtuous cycle of environmental sustainability. As with all materials, those who use paper and cardboard can make ecologically sustainable choices in two moments: when they buy and when they discard them. Let's start from the former, nel quale la scelta migliore è propendere per carta ottenuta più possibile tramite riciclo e, nella porzione in cui [...]

The Great Green Wall: story of a rebirth

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Recent climate change does not have the same impact anywhere in the world. In fact, there are regions that are most affected by its effects., both from a social and economic point of view. In general, we talk about an increase of heat waves, sea level rise and soil aridity, and an increase in diseases transmissible to humans. All of this could get worse in the future and the scenarios are certainly not positive. If we weren't talking about global warming, you could say it doesn't rain but it pours. Gli effetti peggiori dei cambiamenti climatici si vedono infatti nei paesi in via di [...]

The collection of glass

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Glass is an amorphous material, that is, a liquid that undergoes solidification without however acquiring the ordered structure of the crystals, instead maintaining a disordered and rigid structure. Its discovery dates back to the Phoenicians who at the time understood that by combining sodium carbonate and silica sand, glass was obtained. In fact, in common parlance with glass we mean that material formed by calcium, soda and silicon which sees its application in different fields, such as the making of containers, part of the furniture (windows) or manufacture of decorative elements (objects and chandeliers). I diversi utilizzi del vetro sono dovuti [...]

The impact of food on the environment: towards sustainable nutrition

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Environmental changes are hardly a mystery. It is increasingly evident how human activities are damaging everything around them.; from the soil to the air, to the water and every water channel. When it comes to pollution, factories are mainly blamed., waste or transport, but few think about food. Now you may wonder: "What does food have to do with the environment?” La risposta è molto semplice: “Quello che mangiamo è importante non solo per la nostra salute ma anche per il pianeta”. The World Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) ha dichiarato che l’attuale produzione alimentare sta [...]

Are organic products better for the environment?

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L’aumento della sensibilità nei confronti dell’ambiente ha contribuito nell’ultimo decennio alla diffusione del bio, ovvero di quei prodotti coltivati con metodi di agricoltura biologica che assicurano una scelta sostenibile in ambito alimentare. What is organic? In simple terms: organic practices prohibit the cultivation of genetically modified organisms, both for direct consumption and as animal feed, and the use of synthetic fertilizers and pesticides, or made industrially through chemical reactions. This is an important point: there are fertilizers and pesticides allowed in organic farming, ma questi non sono prodotti per sintesi chimica... while remaining full-fledged chemicals. [...]

The climate has changed

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The climate has changed, Time is up. The twenty-sixth edition of the annual Conference of Parties (COP26), literally "Conference of the Parties", starts this week in Glasgow (Scotland), in collaboration between the UK and Italy. The conference is held one year after the originally scheduled date, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, e si prefigge obiettivi a dir poco ambiziosi. Della COP abbiamo già parlato qualche mese fa in occasione del rientro degli USA nell'Accordo di Parigi, but perhaps it is appropriate to refresh the subject. In summary, the COP has been organized every year since 1995 dalle Nazioni Unite, nell’ambito della [...]

A glass of water, Thank you!

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When you go to the restaurant and ask for a glass of water, it's okay if they give you tap water or ask for bottled water? Many people still don't trust drinking tap water and prefer bottled water; ISTAT reports that in the 2019 around 29% of Italians follow this trend, with higher numbers in Sardinia (59,9%) and Sicily (53,1%), while Umbria is in the lead for the consimo of bottled water. What is it we don't like about tap water? The water we drink, whether it is bottled or not, comes from superficial sources, come [...]

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