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A glass of water, Thank you!

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When you go to the restaurant and ask for a glass of water, it's okay if they give you tap water or ask for bottled water? Many people still don't trust drinking tap water and prefer bottled water; ISTAT reports that in the 2019 the 19% of Italians follow this trend, with higher numbers in Sardinia (59,9%) and Sicily (53,1%), while Umbria is in the lead for the consimo of bottled water. What is it we don't like about tap water? The water we drink, whether it is bottled or not, comes from superficial sources, come [...]

Cognitive dissonance

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Discrepant information on the same subject is said to be discordant. Behaviors that are not fully aligned with one's own opinions are in dissonant relationship. The term "cognitive" instead emphasizes the relationships and processing of these pieces of information. Over the course of life we ​​accumulate, expectations about things and behaviors deemed congruent or not; and when the expectations are not verified we find ourselves experiencing cognitive dissonance. When a dissonance arises, generates in the person an urgent need to resolve it in order to return to a form of balance and coherence. Changing a decision or reversing the effect of a behavior can be difficult, if not [...]

The basic principles of conspiracy

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We often hear of plots and conspiracies; but how does a conspiracy theory arise? Who are we dealing with when we discuss flat earth, dangerous vaccines and QAnon? A conspiracy theory can be defined as the set of explanatory beliefs of the behavior of people who collude in secret to achieve a malicious end. Although we are used to a negative connotation, some theories turn out to be well founded and real, like Watergate, making it even more difficult to find your way around. But who is more inclined to believe in conspiracies? Possono essere identificati due punti di partenza per comprendere e spiegare il fenomeno. Il primo [...]

Tintarella…of Sun!

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Have you ever been told “how white you are, get some sun "or" you don't have melanin? You never get tanned!”. Well, if it has never happened to you you are very lucky. If, on the other hand, you always hear the same story every year, welcome to the pale face club. But why in the summer some people tan more than others? Cos'è e come agisce la melanina? When we expose ourselves to the sun and UV rays hit our skin, a protective mechanism triggered by melanocytes is activated, epidermal cells, which produce melanin. Melanocytes are formed dendritic cells [...]

The Brea tar breasts: Mammoths and saber-toothed tigers

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Nowadays there is nothing but talk of climate problems and the damage that oil derivatives inflict, for various reasons, to the entire ecosystem. But there is a place in America where black gold has claimed victims for thousands of years, well before we men began to put our own; this place is called "La Brea" and is located in a quiet suburb of Los Angeles, in California. The “La Brea” tar pits are in fact a natural trap made up of an accumulation of oil, which forms deep pools from a few tens of centimeters to a few meters: ma [...]

The Egyptian blue, between art and science

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The first tubes of paint appeared around the 18th century. Before then, the artists independently prepared the colors they needed, studying the materials and perfecting the procedures. In ancient Egypt, the pigments were extracted from minerals such as malachite (verde), the pyrolusite (nero), la dolomite (White), or from lands such as ocher (yellow and red). The pigments were then amalgamated with a binder, such as egg white or gum arabic. The Egyptians didn't just extract what they found in nature, but they came to produce, more than 5000 Years ago, the first known artificial color: the Egyptian blue! [...]

Gene and microRNA expression: what they are and how they work

2021-03-14T13:10:44+01:006 May 2019|Categories: Curiosity|

of Carolina C. From DNA to proteins passing through RNA: a basic concept of biology. But that's not all: there are mechanisms upstream, downstream but also in the middle that modify and regulate gene expression. In particular the microRNAs, fragments of approx 20 RNA nucleotides, they regulate the translation of messenger RNAs into protein. These are active in plants, animals and also in some viruses. Their processing is finely regulated by different enzymes: in the nucleus the polymerase will produce, starting from its coding gene, the pre-miRNA, a longer precursor that will be transported into the cytoplasm by a [...]

Vampires, legend or reality?

2021-07-19T22:43:00+02:0014 April 2019|Categories: Curiosity|

by Alessia Autieri Let's start with the blood Heme is a chemical complex containing an iron atom capable of binding oxygen and is part of a family of very important compounds called porphyrins. Costituisce la parte non proteica di proteine come l'emoglobina, myoglobin and cytochromes. È una delle molecole prodotte in maggiori quantità nell'organismo e per questo le patologie che riguardano la sintesi dell'eme possono essere piuttosto gravi. Immagine della molecola di Emoglobina e della struttura del gruppo Eme Malattie genetiche rare Le porfirie sono un gruppo di malattie rare, mostly hereditary, dovute a deficit [...]

Music as doping

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What music do you listen to in the gym? Qual è la tua playlist quando vai a correre? Sai quali sono gli effetti della musica sul tuo cervello e le tue prestazioni? La musica è fatta di ritmo, armonia, tempo e contenuto che sono anche gli elementi alla base dei movimenti fisici. Quindi un legame tra questi era inevitabile e se ne occupa una nuova branca della ricerca chiamata "neuromusicologia". In 2007, l'US Track & Field, l'ente nazionale per le corse a distanza, ha vietato l'uso di cuffie e lettori audio portatili nelle sue gare ufficiali, "per garantire la sicurezza e impedire ai corridori [...]

Microorganisms at work (of art)

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Someone says that "What does not kill strengthens"! Well, this ancient proverb can be an adequate opening to tell the relatively recent partnership between art and microbiology. Robert Ryman, Twin (1966) Malgrado si tenda quasi sempre ad associare i batteri ad un pericolo, in fact many bacterial species not only do not kill, but they are even useful for "fortifying" our cultural heritage. È vero che alcune costruzioni e opere d’arte, of various kinds and invoices, they can be negatively affected by various microbial activities; however it is equally true, than from those same microbial activities, altre opere di materiale diverso [...]

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