some things that have no category. For example Science and art, or “how you tie your shoes” or “the saliva to wash the works of art”


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Il film I Origins, directed by Mike Cahille and released in 2014, won the Alfred P. Sloan Feature Film Prize at the Sundance Film Festival and was filmed in several locations around the world, including India, he Nepal, Iceland and the United States. It tells the story of Ian Gray, a molecular biologist who studies the evolution of human eyes and firmly believes in science. At the origin of the human eye The protagonist is completely fascinated by the human eye, so much so that he wants to photograph every eye he meets, to the point of making it the purpose of his work. Ian, indeed, wants to study how human eyes [...]


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Our mind is subject to systematic automatisms, even if we don't know! We often fall into many traps of the mind without realizing it. These traps, sometimes, they can lead us to a wrong perception of reality and events. Because of these patterns, on some occasions, we may not be able to review a story, an event or phenomenon in a realistic and objective manner, but we are inevitably influenced by our internal judgment. Judgment that follows certain patterns and leads us to imprecise interpretations, reaching erroneous conclusions. Nobody is excluded, we all have cognitive biases that arise from assumptions, [...]

How plants defend themselves

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How plants defend themselves? If there is a way plants can't defend themselves, that's running away. Plants, indeed, they are immobile (although not that much). But then how do they defend themselves from the attack of various parasites, like microorganisms, virus, mushrooms, insects, hungry predators and competition from other plants? Not only, they must also be able to protect themselves from various physical factors and critical conditions, such as a shortage or excess of water, or from excessive sun exposure. Plants have various physical barriers at their disposal, che insieme alla produzione di metaboliti tossici costituiscono dei meccanismi di [...]

The use of plants by prehistoric men: help from sediment palaeogenetics

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Le nostre attuali conoscenze sull'utilizzo delle piante da parte della nostra specie durante il Paleolitico (2,5 mln - 12000 Years ago) are documented thanks to fragments of plants, phytoliths and microfossils, as well as biomarkers from food preparation tools and dental calculus, but are quite limited due to the poor preservation of identifiable plant remains and the lack of adequate methods for their detection and identification. However, uno studio internazionale abbastanza recente ci mostra come, grazie all'analisi del DNA conservato nei sedimenti delle grotte (ambienti unici in cui l'effetto completo degli elementi sui materiali [...]

Ex Machina: artificial intelligence, ego and paranoia

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“Erasing the boundary between man and machine means blurring the boundary between men and gods”. The tagline of Ex Machina is clear: what we are about to witness is not just any film about cyborgs or artificial intelligence, but a profound and disturbing reflection on the ethics of creation, on the meaning of conscience, and what the future development of these AIs could be, and what implications and consequences might arise from this. In the movie Caleb (Domhnall Gleeson), programmer, wins the opportunity to take on a secret project for a week with Nathan (Oscar Isaac), owner and creator of the software company for which Caleb [...]

Drought: between fiction and sad reality

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"Day 367 of the water crisis in Rome”: It's now been three years since it rained on the capital and, like the sepia background of an exhausted city, even the people who populate it are now drained and enraged. Running water is a luxury of the past, the streets and houses are swarming with cockroaches, the Tiber is completely dry. The emergency situation forced the city to change its rhythms and habits: Water rations are imposed per capita and it is forbidden to attempt to purchase more than is permitted; any type of waste is prohibited, how to wash it [...]

Gattaca and the dangers of eugenics

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The world in Gattaca (1997) is immersed in a dystopia based on genetic determinism. Set in “near future”, the film analyzes themes of eugenics and genetic engineering, and the ethical implications of using these technologies to manipulate human biology. In the movie, human embryos are selected through in vitro fertilization and modified before conception of the fetus to ensure the best genes, and therefore the birth of the best possible individuals. This technological development has led to a new form of discrimination, that based on genes: indeed, the genetic makeup of individuals is the only determinant [...]

The smog Queen

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The world in recent days has bid farewell to a queen that undoubtedly represented, for better or for worse, an iconic character of the last 70 years. During her reign, Elizabeth II was a witness and protagonist of striking intertwining between economics, science, tradition and politics. Here we want to recall a catastrophe that was an irrefutable demonstration of the correlation between environmental causes and health outcomes, and had consequences in the years to come. It was the year 1952 and in the first days of December, due to thermal inversion, a black blanket enveloped London. Initially, no one seemed to care, il cielo della città era [...]

Fast fashion: how much is fashion what is cheap??

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What is meant by fast fashion Fast fashion is a business that offers (the perception of) fashionable clothes for low prices, contributing to a skyrocketing increase in the textile industry. In this case, the word "fast" is not just used to describe the consumption of a single garment, but also the speed with which merchants are able to transport fashion from runways to shop windows. Globally they are bought 80 billions of clothes a day, mainly produced in China and Bangladesh and purchased mainly in America. What causes fast fashion This industry provides jobs for at least 40 million people [...]

The collection of glass

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Glass is an amorphous material, that is, a liquid that undergoes solidification without however acquiring the ordered structure of the crystals, instead maintaining a disordered and rigid structure. Its discovery dates back to the Phoenicians who at the time understood that by combining sodium carbonate and silica sand, glass was obtained. In fact, in common parlance with glass we mean that material formed by calcium, soda and silicon which sees its application in different fields, such as the making of containers, part of the furniture (windows) or manufacture of decorative elements (objects and chandeliers). The different uses of glass are due [...]

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