Ticks (and what suits us)

2023-05-31T15:56:17+02:0031 May 2023|Categories: Environment, Nature|Tags: , , |

Certain areas of our country, and of the world at large, every summer they deal with the tick alarm! For a few years though, the spread of these dangerous arthropods is also affecting environments other than those known, the Alpine regions are a sad example of this. Once again, therefore, we find ourselves having to deal with the negative consequences of climate change and the increase in global temperature. But what about climate change with ticks?? And why they are so feared?

Roommates and quarantine companions

2021-07-02T16:56:46+02:002 July 2021|Categories: Nature|Tags: , , , |

One of the aspects that we miss most in this quarantine is certainly the social one. Video calls partially compensate for this lack, but presence and physical contact are essential. For example for whom, come me, he was two weeks in self-isolation, as returning from abroad, the amazement for the three-dimensionality of loved ones was certainly impressive. A small consolation is that, in addition to our family members, companions and pets, at home we are never alone. There are so many critters! Many of you would probably prefer solitude to the above. Unfortunately, however, you have to be realistic and learn [...]

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