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Il film I Origins, directed by Mike Cahille and released in 2014, won the Alfred P. Sloan Feature Film Prize at the Sundance Film Festival and was filmed in several locations around the world, including India, he Nepal, Iceland and the United States. It tells the story of Ian Gray, a molecular biologist who studies the evolution of human eyes and firmly believes in science. At the origin of the human eye The protagonist is completely fascinated by the human eye, so much so that he wants to photograph every eye he meets, to the point of making it the purpose of his work. Ian, indeed, wants to study how human eyes [...]

Ex Machina: artificial intelligence, ego and paranoia

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“Erasing the boundary between man and machine means blurring the boundary between men and gods”. The tagline of Ex Machina is clear: what we are about to witness is not just any film about cyborgs or artificial intelligence, but a profound and disturbing reflection on the ethics of creation, on the meaning of conscience, and what the future development of these AIs could be, and what implications and consequences might arise from this. In the movie Caleb (Domhnall Gleeson), programmer, wins the opportunity to take on a secret project for a week with Nathan (Oscar Isaac), owner and creator of the software company for which Caleb [...]

Drought: between fiction and sad reality

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"Day 367 of the water crisis in Rome”: It's now been three years since it rained on the capital and, like the sepia background of an exhausted city, even the people who populate it are now drained and enraged. Running water is a luxury of the past, the streets and houses are swarming with cockroaches, the Tiber is completely dry. The emergency situation forced the city to change its rhythms and habits: Water rations are imposed per capita and it is forbidden to attempt to purchase more than is permitted; any type of waste is prohibited, how to wash it [...]

Gattaca and the dangers of eugenics

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The world in Gattaca (1997) is immersed in a dystopia based on genetic determinism. Set in “near future”, the film analyzes themes of eugenics and genetic engineering, and the ethical implications of using these technologies to manipulate human biology. In the movie, human embryos are selected through in vitro fertilization and modified before conception of the fetus to ensure the best genes, and therefore the birth of the best possible individuals. This technological development has led to a new form of discrimination, that based on genes: indeed, the genetic makeup of individuals is the only determinant [...]

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