World Brain Day 2023: “Brain Health and Disability: Leave No One Behind”

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World Brain Day, il World Brain Day, che si celebra oggi 22 July, è promossa annualmente dalla World Federation of Neurology (WFN), la Federazione mondiale di Neurologia, con lo scopo di sensibilizzare la popolazione mondiale sulle problematiche relative alla salute mentale e aumentare la consapevolezza globale circa le patologie neurologiche e neurodegenerative. La visione del WFN è di portare i concetti di necessità di cure e servizi, diritto alla salute del cervello per tutta la durata della vita e riduzione dello stigma intorno alla disabilità. Quando si tratta di salute del cervello, non possiamo lasciare indietro nessuno. [...]

The blood type diet: what does science say?

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Tra i tanti tipi di diete e alternative proposte per una corretta alimentazione ce n'è una in particolare che, lately, is back in fashion: the blood group diet. We would like to remind you that, when it comes to health, you should consult professionals, and not let yourself be carried away by random people without any professional title.. Meanwhile, let's try to understand together what that is. This idea dates back to 1996 when an American naturopath, Peter D’Adamo, publishes a book (Eat right 4 your type) in which he explains how to follow a specific diet based on the blood type. Il libro è stato [...]

Endometriosis: a phantom disease

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"To prevent is better than to cure" as the old saying goes, but to prevent it is necessary to know and this is one of the problems of endometriosis: we don't talk enough about it, yet it affects 1 woman out of 10 and represents the 30% of the causes of female infertility. That's high enough for a phantom disease, a pathology that exists but is not seen or at least not immediately because the symptoms and alarm bells that reach our body are often underestimated. All this because of poor awereness, and because in 2020 unfortunately some topics are still taboo. Endometriosis, as the [...]

Depression and walks in the woods

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Depression is serious business! There are diseases that do not leave scars, that do not require plaster, crutches or patches, but that cannot for this reason be ignored. Psychiatric disorders are this: they are invisible to anyone without an experienced eye, but there are, and they are dangerous. DEPRESSION, for example, is often underestimated! Because it is so easy to say to a depressed person “go for a walk in the countryside!”? Simple: because you have no idea what depression is. Good, let's explain it, but not in an easy way, not with cartoons that confuse depression and sadness, [...]

Tintarella…of Sun!

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Have you ever been told “how white you are, get some sun "or" you don't have melanin? You never get tanned!”. Good, if it has never happened to you you are very lucky. If, on the other hand, you always hear the same story every year, welcome to the pale face club. But why in the summer some people tan more than others? What is melanin and how does it work? When we expose ourselves to the sun and UV rays hit our skin, a protective mechanism triggered by melanocytes is activated, epidermal cells, which produce melanin. Melanocytes are formed dendritic cells [...]

Multiple sclerosis: a technology against the fatigue

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Multiple sclerosis is a neurodegenerative disease that affects the central nervous system, also referred to as "autoimmune" due to the reaction of the immune system directed towards the body. The immune defenses attack certain parts of the central nervous system, recognizing them as foreign bodies and activating an inflammatory process that can damage or cause the loss of myelin, a substance that lines nerve fibers like a sheath, and the cells that produce it. This process can take place in various areas, affecting the optic nerves, the cerebellum and spinal cord and it is for this reason that the symptoms of the disease may be different a [...]

Craving for dessert?

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How many times after lunch, even if you ate a whole plate of pasta, feel that hole in your stomach, precise for a piece of cake, or a little chocolate? And how many times, with all the good intentions of following a decent diet, try to deceive yourself by eating some fruit? And how many times then, after fruit, give in and also eat any chocolate, finger, candy you are standing in front of? Eh, I'm sorry, but the brain is not deceived! Rather, better: the intestine is not deceived! In fact, you need to know there are special cells in our intestines that can tell you the difference [...]

IPSC: The future of stem cells

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Imagine every cell in our body as a potential stem cell! Sounds like science fiction, instead it is reality thanks to the studies of Kazutoshi Takahashi and Shinya Yamanaka, that in the 2006 have shown that it is possible to reprogram a somatic cell (it is. epithelial cell) bringing it back to a stage of stemness. These reprogrammed cells, thanks to the artificial insertion of 4 stamina cells, they were called iPSCs or “Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells”. First of all we need to take a step back and ask ourselves what a stem cell is. It is a cell that has the ability to transform into other cells in the body through a mechanism called "differentiation". [...]

Less sweets and more wine: the secret of youth?

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It's really good to eat less? In 2004 four men and four women volunteered for the BIOSPHERE project 2: a closed structure, designed to contain a complex and self-sufficient ecosystem, with a savannah, a coral reef and a tropical forest, to study and plan a future space colonization. They therefore agreed to remain closed in a system with no communication with the outside, without the possibility of being able to communicate with each other and having to survive only on the food they can get for themselves. BIOSFERA2 did not give the expected results and was stopped sooner than expected; but the data collected [...]

Pollution and fine dust: how to see clearly in the fog of public debate

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Whether you are readers attentive to current events or ordinary citizens who use their own vehicles, you will certainly not have missed the attention it mediates, institutions and administrations are reserving the issue of urban pollution. Words like fine dust, suspended particulate matter or abbreviations such as PM10 have now been completely cleared of customs from their purely technical meaning and have become public domain. But what are we referring to when we hear these terms? Trying to shed some light, we could say that the focus of the discussion revolves around the concept of suspended particulate matter (In English "particular matter", abbreviated with the abbreviation "PM"), or [...]

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