How- DNA does -not- change

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With the problem of RNA vaccines, fear of changes in our DNA has also risen. What are we really talking about? There is this risk? Let's try to explain it. The structure of DNA is a relatively young discovery, which has less than 70 years. Editing - modification- genica has even fewer years of history behind it, so much so that the most advanced technique that is known won the Nobel only last year. So we can say that the unscientific community, who is not so familiar with these hi-tech stuff, he didn't have much time to understand concepts like genetics, the [...]

The fingerprints of neurodegenerative diseases: micro-RNAs as diagnostic tools

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“Conosci il tuo nemico” dichiarava il generale Sun Tzu ne “L’arte della guerra”. Ma cosa fare quando il nemico riesce a nascondersi o a tenere celata la propria identità? E’ un problema che migliaia di ricercatori si sono posti durante lo studio delle malattie neurodegenerative. […]

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