The genetic profile in male infertility

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Over the last 20 years we have witnessed a decrease in the birth rate also due to a decrease in fertility, as demography shows. In fact, an increase in the percentage of aging is estimated by 2050 worldwide. According to the data, one in five couples cannot procreate naturally. The reasons could be many, but, among these, it affects a lot than in the last 30 years, the average age of conception in both sexes has increased by almost 10 years and lifestyles have changed to the point of damaging fertility. Often, mistakenly, they tend to [...]

Male pill. The right time?

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Prodotta per la prima volta, in grande quantità, la versione sintetica transgenica di uno degli enzimi bersaglio per un possibile futuro farmaco anticoncezionale maschile. La scoperta faciliterà enormemente i test in vitro per individuare le molecole più promettenti per questo scopo. Tra i vari metodi contraccettivi quelli che possono essere messi in atto dall’uomo si limitano alla vasectomia chirurgica, invasiva e pressoché definitiva; o a quella immunologica, reversibile, ma in tempi non controllabili. Le case farmaceutiche inseguono da anni con risultati deludenti l’idea di un anticoncezionale maschile orale che sia efficace sulla stragrande maggioranza dei soggetti trattati, attivo dopo poche [...]

Stop aging: telomeres as molecular clocks

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What determines the aging of an organism? Through what mechanisms it is established? Once the latter are understood, it is possible to stop its progress? Since time immemorial, man has been asking himself similar questions, as numerous as the attempts to arrive at a solution. Magic, alchemy and religion are just some of the means employed over the millennia to attempt to penetrate the secrets of concepts such as eternal youth and immortality. Seduced by the mirage of an unlimited life and the ambition to subjugate time to one's will, our ancestors sought, with the tools at their disposal, to arrive at answers that later proved to be unsuccessful. These ancients [...]

Assisted fertilization: the success of "sick" embryos

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The desire to have children leads many couples with fertility problems to resort to artificial techniques such as assisted reproduction. Although in Italy this technique is still the subject of strong discussion, research continues to make progress to ensure the success of embryo implantation. Before implantation in the maternal uterus, the embryos are analyzed and those that can be used are selected, in order to distinguish the healthy from the sick. However, a recent discovery has shown that not all diseased embryos need to be discarded, some can be used by increasing the chances of successful artificial insemination. Assisted reproduction is the process it mediates [...]

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