Rita Levi-Montalcini, a history of science, love and struggle.

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As far as 30 years ago it was taught, unfortunately also at school, that the nervous system is a static thing, that is born and dies, without growing; than the nerves once injured, they no longer regenerate. Fortunately this is not the case and, if we know the truth, we owe it to a great scientist: Rita Levi-Montalcini. She was responsible for the discovery of the neuronal growth factor (NGF) but not only: his is also a good science story, love, struggle and tenacity that we now tell you. Rita was born in Turin in 1902 from a very interesting family: the father, Adamo [...]

Stories of women in professions and research: an experiment of active citizenship

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Workshop on gender equality in scientific fields, with the involvement of the public to discuss the topic and share points of view

DNA come biomateriale

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Our genetic instructions are invaluable: DNA not only determines who we are, but it can also be used in medicine for gene therapy. It's not all: looking at it from a structural and physical point of view, a team of biotechnologists and materials physicists has developed the so-called "DNA hydrogels", dei polimeri la cui struttura è fatta di acidi nucleici e al cui interno troviamo dell’acqua. These can be used in various biomedical applications: in the formulation of drugs, in gene therapy and cell therapy approaches. DNA as a biomaterial shows qualities such as biocompatibility and biodegradability, that [...]

The rules of science and the game of vaccines

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Vaccines are not safe al 100%, science says so. He says it serenely because, Luckily, no scientist would dare to say that something is sure to 100%. Thanks to scientific progress, however, we can be ambitious and aim for maximum safety and effectiveness. Unfortunately, however, when you say a vaccine is safe 98%, it looks like that 2% after all it is the scariest thing in the world. It is important to clarify; rowing against technological development cannot do any society good. It sounds clear and simple, but apparently it is not so shared. In the last few years [...]

Stuttering mice

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The genetic defect that is responsible for many cases of stuttering in humans is reproduced for the first time in the laboratory mouse. Engineered mice show a disorganization in the emission of sounds comparable to that present in stuttering humans. Millions of people around the world suffer from stuttering problems, this disorder is usually treated with psychological approaches or with speech therapy. But for several years, evidence has been accumulating that, in some cases, the disorder is related to a group of genetic mutations. Furthermore, various researches have shown that, in some deaf-mute individuals, the presence of a [...]

Checkmate to pain

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The study of a rare syndrome that makes its carriers numb to pain seemed to promise a solution with few side effects for patients with painful symptoms., but attempts to replicate it by means of drugs have so far failed. Research on mice modified to reproduce the syndrome now appears to have resolved this inconsistency. […]

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