Endometriosis: a phantom disease

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"To prevent is better than to cure" as the old saying goes, but to prevent it is necessary to know and this is one of the problems of endometriosis: we don't talk enough about it, yet it affects 1 woman out of 10 and represents the 30% of the causes of female infertility. That's high enough for a phantom disease, a pathology that exists but is not seen or at least not immediately because the symptoms and alarm bells that reach our body are often underestimated. All this because of poor awereness, and because in 2020 unfortunately some topics are still taboo. Endometriosis, as the [...]

Serological tests and swabs: when and why to do them

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The pandemic has just begun, we all had heard of tests and swabs before: What are? What are they for? How many must be made, Why? What are false positives? A few months later, we started talking mainly about serological tests, sampling, antibodies and vaccine. A very common mistake has been to confuse the two types of tests: the swab and the serological. But these two procedures are very different from each other and must be done for different purposes, let's see why. First of all, when we talk about serological tests we have to talk about antibodies. Antibodies are "Y" shaped proteins, produced by cells [...]

Prevention is done at the table: broccoli

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I broccoli (Brassica oleracea) they belong to the large Cruciferous family (o Brassicacee) which comprises, among others, cabbage too, Brussels sprouts, cabbage and turnip. They belong to the group of plants whose leaves are not eaten but the unripe inflorescences. Like all foods of plant origin, their calorie intake is very low and is around 30 kcal per 100gr, they are a good source of fiber, vitamin C, beta carotene and salts such as magnesium and phosphorus. […]

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