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"Science in the library" - Science in the library "Science in the library", Science in the library (Science in the library)

Rice production with CRISP-Cas9

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CRISPR-Cas9 is a gene editing technique capable of modifying the genome or the complex of genes of a cell. It works like a molecular scissor that can cut and stitch DNA very precisely, eliminating harmful sequences or replacing them and correcting the mutations present. To date, this technique has been used in various fields ranging from biology to agriculture and indeed, a group of scientists used the CRISPR system to be able to increase rice production in some areas of Africa, subject to adverse weather conditions. The study carried out by some researchers of the University of Milan together with the University of [...]

GMO or non-GMO: that is the question!

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Un pubblico non specializzato alla domanda “cos’è un OGM?”He would probably reply that it is an organism that has undergone genetic manipulation, which has been "genetically modified". The answer is correct, but only partially and flaws of imprecision: not all genetically modified organisms are GMOs! […]

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