What does not kill you, doesn't make you stronger.

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Ció che non ti uccide NON ti rende piú forte Quante volte lo abbiamo usato questo detto? Even with other shades maybe, like "Wht doesn't kill you, makes you fatter", derived from the popular tradition for which still gaining weight was good and right (thank you Grandma). Ma c'è voluto proprio uno studio dell’Università del Texas per farci smettere di usare questo proverbio. In an article published on the 9 th of January in fact, it is written that what does not kill you, leaves you with mental impairment.. Texas is a slightly unlucky country, often affected by floods, industrial accident , tornado and hurricanes.. Dando retta al [...]

The waves of the mind

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Recent research has shown for the first time the possibility for neurons to influence each other at a distance by means of their weak electric field. This mode of transmission can occur both in a physiological way, in the propagation of theta waves of the REM phase, than in a pathological condition in the spread of epileptic seizures. […]

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