Lactose and gluten intolerance: what you need to know!

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We have previously explained the difference between allergy and intolerance, now let's go into the details of the most widespread intolerances in the population and their causes. What is lactose intolerance? Because the body cannot metabolize it? Lactose is a disaccharide, that is, a compound sugar present in dairy products and all its derivatives, formed by two simpler sugars: glucose and galactose. Normally the body metabolizes it through lactase, an enzyme produced by some bacteria such as lactobacilli and bifidobacteria. Lactase breaks the bond between glucose and galactose and allows their digestion. When the enzyme is reduced or [...]

Celiac disease or problems with fructose?

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People suffering from celiac disease are about 1% of the population, but until 12% reports having the same symptoms when eating bread, pasta, pizza and products derived from wheat: hence intestinal disorders, difficulty digesting, physical weakness e, in some cases, skin rashes. In these cases, following a gluten-free diet does not solve the problem. Apparently, the enemy for these people is not a protein, like gluten, but the fruit, a carbohydrate. Fructan is a food that is part of the FODMAPs, short chain carbohydrates, which are not easily digested and ferment in our intestines, [...]

Celiac disease: and if it was the fault of a virus?

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The intestinal mucosa is perpetually in contact with the food that is ingested and with potentially pathogenic bacteria that are introduced with it: the immune system distinguishes between what are simply nutrient molecules (proteins, lipids, etc.) and those that are proteins belonging to viruses or bacteria, permettendo l'assorbimento e l'ingresso solo alle sostanze non pericolose. La celiachia è una patologia che coinvolge il sistema immunitario nella quale l'organismo riconosce alcune di queste proteine che vengono introdotte con l'alimentazione come "enemies", activating an immune response, come se il corpo fosse di fronte ad un'infezione di un qualche patogeno. Responsible [...]

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