The Brea tar breasts: Mammoths and saber-toothed tigers

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Nowadays there is nothing but talk of climate problems and the damage that oil derivatives inflict, for various reasons, to the entire ecosystem. But there is a place in America where black gold has claimed victims for thousands of years, well before we men began to put our own; this place is called "La Brea" and is located in a quiet suburb of Los Angeles, in California. The “La Brea” tar pits are in fact a natural trap made up of an accumulation of oil, which forms deep pools from a few tens of centimeters to a few meters: ma [...]

The lava tunnels of Hawaii

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Lava tunnels are a type of cave with a very particular origin, linked to a certain type of volcanism, effusive of very hot and fluid lavas, which has its typical example in the Hawaiian Islands. Basaltic lava escapes from the subsurface of Hawaii at temperatures of nearly 1200 ° C. As soon as it comes into contact with the atmosphere it rapidly loses heat and the external surface of the casting in a short time cools below its solidification temperature, forming a crust of solid black rock above a still moving liquid stream. […]

Geology 1 – The shape of the Earth

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This series of articles is dedicated to our planet, which would then be the one we place our feet on every morning, in order to give a general but still correct knowledge. I promise that I will try as much as possible to avoid complicated words and numbers, and if sometimes this is not really possible I hope that you will have the patience and the curiosity to want to know more. I invite you right now to ask for any clarification in the comments following each episode: it could become a space for in-depth study. […]

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