Stamina cells: a hope for the future

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We often hear about stem cells and how they are widely used in the research world. In fact, these represent great hope in the field of regenerative medicine, but what are they really? How they are generated? Stem cells are undifferentiated cells capable of unlimited dividing and differentiating into other cell types: nervous, bone, of the heart, of the skin, liver and pancreas. Possono essere prelevate dall'embrione, dal feto o dall'adulto e a seconda della potenzialità delle cellule staminali, are classified in: totipotenti, if they give rise to a whole organism; pluripotent, if they generate many types of fabrics but [...]


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The crosses between sapiens, Neanderthals and the still little known Asian species of the Denisovians, led some modern Europeans and Asians to inherit immune regulation genes derived from their non-sapiens ancestors. These genes may have favored their carriers in the past by helping them protect themselves from microorganisms with aggressive immune responses, but they are also probably responsible for the predisposition to allergies of many of the modern humans who express them. […]

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