The blood type diet: what does science say?

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Tra i tanti tipi di diete e alternative proposte per una corretta alimentazione ce n'è una in particolare che, lately, is back in fashion: the blood group diet. We would like to remind you that, when it comes to health, you should consult professionals, and not let yourself be carried away by random people without any professional title.. Meanwhile, let's try to understand together what that is. This idea dates back to 1996 when an American naturopath, Peter D’Adamo, publishes a book (Eat right 4 your type) in which he explains how to follow a specific diet based on the blood type. Il libro è stato [...]

Craving for dessert?

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How many times after lunch, even if you ate a whole plate of pasta, feel that hole in your stomach, precise for a piece of cake, or a little chocolate? And how many times, with all the good intentions of following a decent diet, try to deceive yourself by eating some fruit? And how many times then, after fruit, give in and also eat any chocolate, finger, candy you are standing in front of? Eh, I'm sorry, but the brain is not deceived! Rather, better: the intestine is not deceived! In fact, you need to know there are special cells in our intestines that can tell you the difference [...]

The Chetogenic Diet: new discoveries, Risks and Benefits of the Low-Carb Diet

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“I don't eat carbohydrates, make you fat! ”How many times have you heard it? Indeed, it would not be a completely wrong choice, but this goes beyond the flat stomach and the six-pack. The low-carbohydrate diet in fact has several positive effects on our body and several studies highlight them, but as in all diets, there are pros and cons and you need to know how they work. The chetogenic diet, which is now also in fashion, it goes slightly beyond the reduced consumption of carbohydrates. let's talk about! Since 1920 it was thought that a low-carbohydrate diet could [...]

Prevention is done at the table: broccoli

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I broccoli (Brassica oleracea) appartengono alla grande famiglia delle Crocifere (o Brassicacee) che comprende, tra gli altri, anche il cavolo, cavolini di Bruxelles, verza e rapa. Rientrano nel gruppo di piante di cui non vengono mangiate le foglie ma le infiorescenze non ancora mature. Come tutti gli alimenti di origine vegetale il loro apporto calorico è molto basso e si aggira intorno alle 30 kcal per 100gr, sono una buona fonte di fibre, vitamina C, beta carotene e sali quali magnesio e fosforo. […]

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