Welcome back, USA!

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The United States is finally part of the Paris climate agreement. Ready, to the posts, via. Just established, Joe Biden's new stars and stripes administration has brought the USA back into the Paris climate agreement. This is a nice change of pace from Donald Trump's previous administration, who had decided to leave that agreement. For the occasion, climate expert Ed Hawkins has produced a special version of his famous warming stripes. Despite what some people think, the Paris Agreement does not only concern the citizens of the French capital, but all of us. But one question is legitimate: what's this [...]

The Amazon is burning?

2021-06-28T22:06:15+02:0028 August 2019|Categories: Earth and Sky|Tags: , , , |

by Stefano M. The images and information of the devastation taking place in the Amazon rainforest by various arson are going around the web. Let's try to deepen the question! the Amazon is the largest rainforest on our planet, extends over an area of 5,5 million square km between Brazil (of which it occupies over 40% of the surface), and other neighboring countries. This forest, like others of the rain type, it is an incredible biodiversity hotspot and is home to a huge number of species, thanks to the particular climatic conditions. It is estimated that they live in it 2,5 [...]

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