A glass of water, Thank you!

2021-12-08T13:03:58+01:0023 September 2021|Categories: Curiosity|Tags: , , , , |

When you go to the restaurant and ask for a glass of water, it's okay if they give you tap water or ask for bottled water? Many people still don't trust drinking tap water and prefer bottled water; ISTAT reports that in the 2019 around 29% of Italians follow this trend, with higher numbers in Sardinia (59,9%) and Sicily (53,1%), while Umbria is in the lead for the consimo of bottled water. What is it we don't like about tap water? The water we drink, whether it is bottled or not, comes from superficial sources, come [...]

Pebbles on Mars

2021-07-14T13:02:55+02:0014 July 2021|Categories: Earth and Sky|Tags: , , , , |

The recent Martian Perseverance mission has rekindled interest in the search for traces of the presence of water on Mars. However already with the Curiosity mission, landed on the red planet il 6 August 2012, Interesting discoveries have been made on the possible presence of ancient waterways that, more than 3 billions of years ago, they would have plowed the surface of the planet. Along the exploratory journey made in the Gale crater, located below the Martian equator and originated around 3,6 billions of years ago, the Curiosity rover has identified and photographed several rocks with an interesting structure. These are sedimentary rocks composed of [...]

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