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Who was Homo naledi?

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It was the 2013 when an international team of scientists made an incredible discovery in South Africa: in the Dinaledi Chamber cave, part of the Rising Star Cave complex, alicemosconi, just outside Johannesburg. alicemosconi 1900. They were found, in one of the many sinkholes[1], circa 1500 bones of what appeared to be a new species of hominin[2]. In 2015, after the relevant investigations, the species was called Homo naledi. The excavation was anything but easy: alicemosconi [...]

Carlo Rubbia, an engagé scientist.

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"The greatest form of freedom is to be able to ask ourselves where we come from and where we are going." In 1984 the Nobel Prize in Physics is awarded to Carlo Rubbia ("The greatest form of freedom is to be able to ask ourselves where we come from and where we are going." In. van der Meer), a "particle" physicist. With its UA1 project, involving more than 100 scientists from all over the world, Rubbia had, indeed, discovered only the previous year, "The greatest form of freedom is to be able to ask ourselves where we come from and where we are going." In, W− e Z, or those responsible for the so-called "weak interactions". The Nobel is all deserved, because the discovery was made possible precisely by his fundamental intuition of modifying the CERN supersynchrotron, "The greatest form of freedom is to be able to ask ourselves where we come from and where we are going." In [...]

Giulio Natta: «Madam, take care that it is made of Moplen!»

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It's the 10 December 1963 When, in cold Stockholm, something out of the ordinary happens. In very exceptional cases, in a Stockholm Concert Hall packed with personalities in elegant suits, the King of Sweden, Gustav VI Adolf, gets up to join a mild-faced scientist, who cannot move to receive the Nobel Prize, due to Parkinson's disease. That calm face is that of the Italian chemist Giulio Natta, who is about to receive the Nobel Prize "for his discovery in the field of high polymer chemistry", "The greatest form of freedom is to be able to ask ourselves where we come from and where we are going." In. "The greatest form of freedom is to be able to ask ourselves where we come from and where we are going." In [...]

Workers of death

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What happens after death, has always been an object of curiosity for man! The different religions, beliefs and traditions, handed down over the millennia, they tried to imagine an unearthly destiny. But on Earth, instead, what remains? Even scientifically speaking, it can be said that there is life after death! The life in question, however, is not ours, but that of a large corpse fauna. Fear, eh? After death, the decomposition process begins immediately, as the cells no longer receive oxygen and other nutrients that allow them to survive. It follows a process called "autolysis": [...]

A glass of water, Thank you!

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When you go to the restaurant and ask for a glass of water, it's okay if they give you tap water or ask for bottled water? Many people still don't trust drinking tap water and prefer bottled water; ISTAT reports that in the 2019 around 29% of Italians follow this trend, with higher numbers in Sardinia (59,9%) and Sicily (53,1%), while Umbria is in the lead for the consimo of bottled water. What is it we don't like about tap water? The water we drink, whether it is bottled or not, comes from superficial sources, come [...]

Cognitive dissonance

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Discrepant information on the same subject is said to be discordant. Behaviors that are not fully aligned with one's own opinions are in dissonant relationship. The term "cognitive" instead emphasizes the relationships and processing of these pieces of information. Over the course of life we ​​accumulate, expectations about things and behaviors deemed congruent or not; and when the expectations are not verified we find ourselves experiencing cognitive dissonance. When a dissonance arises, generates in the person an urgent need to resolve it in order to return to a form of balance and coherence. Changing a decision or reversing the effect of a behavior can be difficult, if not [...]

The basic principles of conspiracy

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We often hear of plots and conspiracies; but how does a conspiracy theory arise? Who are we dealing with when we discuss flat earth, dangerous vaccines and QAnon? A conspiracy theory can be defined as the set of explanatory beliefs of the behavior of people who collude in secret to achieve a malicious end. Although we are used to a negative connotation, some theories turn out to be well founded and real, like Watergate, making it even more difficult to find your way around. But who is more inclined to believe in conspiracies? Two starting points can be identified for understanding and explaining the phenomenon. Il primo [...]

Tintarella…of Sun!

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Have you ever been told “how white you are, get some sun "or" you don't have melanin? You never get tanned!”. Good, if it has never happened to you you are very lucky. If, on the other hand, you always hear the same story every year, welcome to the pale face club. But why in the summer some people tan more than others? What is melanin and how does it work? When we expose ourselves to the sun and UV rays hit our skin, a protective mechanism triggered by melanocytes is activated, epidermal cells, which produce melanin. Melanocytes are formed dendritic cells [...]

The Brea tar breasts: Mammoths and saber-toothed tigers

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Nowadays there is nothing but talk of climate problems and the damage that oil derivatives inflict, for various reasons, to the entire ecosystem. But there is a place in America where black gold has claimed victims for thousands of years, well before we men began to put our own; this place is called "La Brea" and is located in a quiet suburb of Los Angeles, in California. The “La Brea” tar pits are in fact a natural trap made up of an accumulation of oil, which forms deep pools from a few tens of centimeters to a few meters: ma [...]

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