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Mice born to two dads: how much is true?

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Secondo le ultime notizie tutto sembra possibile per l’ingegneria genetica, anche la procreazione da esseri dello stesso sesso. È stata recentemente riportata da diversi giornali la notizia della nascita di una progenie da due papà. Ma quanto c’è di vero in questa notizia? È realmente possibile far nascere una vita dall’accoppiamento naturale di due esseri di genere maschile? Cosi come raccontato dal biologo Katsuhiko Hayashi in occasione del convegno dedicato all'editing del genoma a Londra, la sua equipe nel laboratorio dell’università di Kyushu in Giappone ha generato nuove vite da due genitori dello stesso sesso utilizzando un modello di [...]

Provora: the new supergroup of eukaryotes

2022-12-21T13:29:32+01:0021 December 2022|Categories: Medicine and Research|Tags: , , , |

“Provora” è il nuovo supergruppo di microrganismi eucarioti (organisms with a well-differentiated nucleus, made up of one or more cells) discovered in some geographically distant marine habitats, precisely near the coral reefs of Curacao in the Caribbean sea, in the Black and Red Sea areas, in the waters of the Arctic Ocean and north-east of the Pacific Ocean. Tikhonenkov, Keeling and other authors of this scientific investigation, taking some water samples, they found these very small strains equipped with two flagella, o code (i.e. long filamentous structures important for movement), located in separate pockets, che nuotano velocemente e predano [...]

The genetic profile in male infertility

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Over the last 20 years we have witnessed a decrease in the birth rate also due to a decrease in fertility, as demography shows. In fact, an increase in the percentage of aging is estimated by 2050 worldwide. According to the data, one in five couples cannot procreate naturally. The reasons could be many, but, among these, it affects a lot than in the last 30 years, the average age of conception in both sexes has increased by almost 10 years and lifestyles have changed to the point of damaging fertility. Often, mistakenly, they tend to [...]

The secret of absolute pitch

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What Ludwig van Beethoven has in common, Barbara Streisand, Jimi Hendrix e Pippo Baudo? You could add to this list several other more or less known names, who have discovered to possess this feature more or less by chance. We are talking about "perfect pitch", that is, the ability to recognize exactly the frequency of a musical note without any kind of reference. For these people, recognizing a note is as natural as the recognizing a color. Absolute pitch is a mysterious gift and causes wonder and questions: what does this feature depend on?? Is it an innate or acquired ability? [...]

Endometriosis: a phantom disease

2022-03-26T15:34:54+01:0026 March 2022|Categories: Medicine and Research|Tags: , , , |

"To prevent is better than to cure" as the old saying goes, but to prevent it is necessary to know and this is one of the problems of endometriosis: we don't talk enough about it, yet it affects 1 woman out of 10 and represents the 30% of the causes of female infertility. That's high enough for a phantom disease, a pathology that exists but is not seen or at least not immediately because the symptoms and alarm bells that reach our body are often underestimated. All this because of poor awereness, and because in 2020 unfortunately some topics are still taboo. Endometriosis, as the [...]

Inside yawning

2022-03-07T14:28:41+01:007 March 2022|Categories: Curiosity, Medicine and Research|Tags: , |

otherwise you are authorized to release a regenerating yawn, otherwise you are authorized to release a regenerating yawn, otherwise you are authorized to release a regenerating yawn, otherwise you are authorized to release a regenerating yawn. otherwise you are authorized to release a regenerating yawn, otherwise you are authorized to release a regenerating yawn. The average duration of the yawn is 5-6 seconds. It's the involuntary opening of the mouth with a long and deep inhalation through the mouth and nose, followed by a slow exhalation associated with a feeling of well-being. In humans, otherwise you are authorized to release a regenerating yawn. Given the universality of this daily reflex, we may be led to think that the mechanisms and purposes that underlie it no longer have secrets.. The truth is that we have always been familiar with it but we have known it recently and not entirely. Let's start with a trivial question: otherwise you are authorized to release a regenerating yawn?

Unexpected mutations in gene editing

2022-02-08T18:59:56+01:008 February 2022|Categories: Medicine and Research|Tags: , , |

Many of you will have already heard of CRISPR-Cas9, the so-called molecular scissors that serve to modify the DNA of many organisms. This technique has represented a revolution in the field of genetic engineering in recent years due to its ability to "cut and sew" a specific DNA sequence to make corrections in target genes. So much so that it has opened new avenues and new possibilities for gene therapy, that is, the possibility of treating or preventing diseases by intervening directly on the patient's genome. But how advanced are these techniques today? And what are the risks? The use of CRISPR which created more [...]

Inside the rapid COVID antigen test

2022-01-24T23:18:18+01:0024 January 2022|Categories: Medicine and Research|Tags: , , , , |

Rapid antigenic tests for SARS-CoV-2 with swab are an extremely valuable resource in detecting the presence or absence of the virus in the event of a suspected infection and are one of the tools, although not the most accurate ever, which have made it possible to save lives during the ongoing health emergency by monitoring infections. The technology behind these tests is now well established and is the same used for "do it yourself" pregnancy tests and is based on gold nanoparticles, antigenico. antigenico, antigenico [...]

Depression and walks in the woods

2022-02-10T18:52:24+01:0021 January 2022|Categories: Medicine and Research|Tags: , , , |

Depression is serious business! There are diseases that do not leave scars, that do not require plaster, crutches or patches, but that cannot for this reason be ignored. Psychiatric disorders are this: they are invisible to anyone without an experienced eye, but there are, and they are dangerous. DEPRESSION, for example, is often underestimated! Because it is so easy to say to a depressed person “go for a walk in the countryside!”? Simple: because you have no idea what depression is. Good, let's explain it, but not in an easy way, not with cartoons that confuse depression and sadness, [...]

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