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Graduated in "Biological Sciences", he is continuing his studies through the master's degree in “Biodiversity and Evolution” at the University of Bologna. During his training he was involved in the study of otoliths of bony fish, as a tool aimed at a conscious management of fish resources, and monitoring of Chiroptera in the "Parco della Vena del Gesso Romagnola". He is currently working for the reintroduction of the Red Partridge in the Tuscan archipelago, on the merits of a LIFE project, through conservation genetics. Passionate about zoology and the environment, his future projects revolve around the ambition to protect and conserve biodiversity, integrating everything with human needs, as far as possible. He considers the role of scientific dissemination to be fundamental, even more so in an era so susceptible to disinformation, despite the means available to inform oneself clearly. Love to travel, fare trekking, scuba diving and caving: basically, appreciate the wonders of the world through multiple points of view. He also devotes a lot to reading, in particular of scientific essays and science fiction texts.

Roommates and quarantine companions

2021-07-02T16:56:46+02:002 July 2021|Categories: Nature|Tags: , , , |

One of the aspects that we miss most in this quarantine is certainly the social one. Video calls partially compensate for this lack, but presence and physical contact are essential. For example for whom, come me, he was two weeks in self-isolation, as returning from abroad, the amazement for the three-dimensionality of loved ones was certainly impressive. A small consolation is that, in addition to our family members, companions and pets, at home we are never alone. There are so many critters! Many of you would probably prefer solitude to the above. Unfortunately, however, you have to be realistic and learn [...]

Missing penguins

2021-07-02T14:00:36+02:002 July 2021|Categories: Nature|Tags: , , , |

There is a mystery that scientists are trying to unravel: that of the disappeared penguin colony. Or better, the entire colony has not really disappeared, however it is estimated that it has drastically reduced: from about 900.000 about 100.000 penguins. Crazy. “Where the hell have the penguins gone?!”This is certainly the question posed by researchers Henri Weimerskirch and Charles Bost, of the French research institute CNRS, at the beginning 2017, looking at the aerial images of Île aux Cochons, a volcanic island located halfway between Madagascar and Antarctica and which has rarely been visited by [...]

Coronavirus and illegal animal trafficking.

2021-06-20T17:01:20+02:0020 June 2021|Categories: Nature|Tags: , , , |

In this period, the eyes of the scientific community are on SARS-CoV-2, the Coronavirus of the ongoing pandemic. Recall that Coronavirus does not mean only SARS-CoV-2 which is triggering the COVID-19 pandemic, but a whole family of viruses: i “Coronaviridae”. In particular, scientists are also trying to reconstruct the path that the aforementioned virus followed, making the "leap of species". What is meant by "leap of species"? Scientifically termed CTS (Cross-Species Transmission), it is the phenomenon by which a virus introduces itself into an individual of a host species other than the one it usually infects, then succeeds in [...]

The cockroaches will conquer the world

2021-07-15T19:55:05+02:0030 June 2019|Categories: Nature|Tags: , , , |

After a sensational title and an incredibly realistic photo, we are going to describe a discovery that will terrify housewares across the globe. Let's talk about cockroaches, insects that are considered like rats for the same reasons: they have managed to adapt very well to anthropogenic environments, hiding where we have no way of seeing them and waiting for the right moment to catch some rest of food. Actually, for the elements mentioned above we should applaud these little animals who have managed to take advantage of all the environmental transformations we have caused. But they are shady creatures and we associate them with [...]

778 millions… Against Asian carp

2021-03-14T13:04:54+01:0023 June 2019|Categories: Nature|Tags: , , |

You read that right, it's not about click-bait. This is the figure that the Corps of Engineers, or the section of the army specializing in engineering and design, estimated to address an environmental problem that has now become a plague in the US: the invasion of Asian carp. Actually, this phenomenon is not news. Over the last 10 years have been allocated several million dollars, but they were insufficient to solve the problem. Rather, carp continued their conquest of American freshwater. But why invest so much money to stem these fish? The theme of [...]

Sponges collect DNA

2021-03-14T13:05:09+01:0016 June 2019|Categories: Nature|

by Daniele B. We have reached that particular period of the year in which we do from 2 all 22 showers a day. In these moments of pleasure given by fresh water, an object that until some time before could be alive and well can accompany us with constancy and dedication: the sponge. In fact, the Sponges are part of the "Porifera" Phylum. They are aquatic invertebrate organisms that have extremely ancient roots. Through their opening (s) they allow water to enter the body and filter everything that is necessary for their survival. For this remarkable ability to absorb water and [...]

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