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Graduated in chemical engineering and registered with the Order of Engineers of Rome. He carries out his thesis in a company in the oil and gas field where he then works until 2014 when moving to the UK. Living in the UK he obtained the registration as Chartered Engineers and then a Masters in Business Administration. The curiosity for science and the world around him has always distinguished him as well as the pleasure of mixing high and low, serious and facetious, science and pop culture.

Cognitive dissonance

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Discrepant information on the same subject is said to be discordant. Behaviors that are not fully aligned with one's own opinions are in dissonant relationship. The term "cognitive" instead emphasizes the relationships and processing of these pieces of information. Over the course of life we ​​accumulate, expectations about things and behaviors deemed congruent or not; and when the expectations are not verified we find ourselves experiencing cognitive dissonance. When a dissonance arises, generates in the person an urgent need to resolve it in order to return to a form of balance and coherence. Changing a decision or reversing the effect of a behavior can be difficult, if not [...]

The basic principles of conspiracy

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We often hear of plots and conspiracies; but how does a conspiracy theory arise? Who are we dealing with when we discuss flat earth, dangerous vaccines and QAnon? A conspiracy theory can be defined as the set of explanatory beliefs of the behavior of people who collude in secret to achieve a malicious end. Although we are used to a negative connotation, some theories turn out to be well founded and real, like Watergate, making it even more difficult to find your way around. But who is more inclined to believe in conspiracies? Possono essere identificati due punti di partenza per comprendere e spiegare il fenomeno. Il primo [...]

The colors of hydrogen

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It is the lightest element in the periodic table and the most widespread in the universe, from the warm and beating heart of the stars to the cold ice crystals of these winter days. In the gaseous and molecular state it is odorless and colorless, when it is "burned" in the presence of oxygen it produces water. Hydrogen, its production and its possible uses enter every day more in the discussions of the media and public opinion for the fight against global warming and for the role that hydrogen can have as a clean energy vector since its combustion does not produce greenhouse gases. Avrete forse notato che all'idrogeno [...]

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